'Importing Winds aloft from ActiveSky 2004'

Optional Video accompanies this written tutorial Windows Media Player required. Incorporating the winds data from ActiveSky2004 into your Flight Plan plan. You can use incorporate the winds aloft data from programs such as FSMeteo and ActiveSky into your Fsbuild2 flight plans. To do this you'll need to tell Fsbuild the location of the ActiveSky files select Activesky2004 from the weather menu, the select the 'apply winds' aloft item. You can also need to download the offline winds information from Activsky2004 so Fsbuild can read the offline winds data and incorporate it into the flight plan. 1) Select the 'Options' folder item on the right. 2) Select the 'Export Directories' tab, if it is not already selected. 3) Select the folder/path of the ActiveSky 2004 item on the list by clicking on the its 'Browse' button, and selecting the folder. 4) Go to the 'Settings' tab to move to the settings page. 5) Select the 'weather' menu, and select 'Activesky2004'. Since Fsbuild supports more than one weather program This item must be selected in order for Activesky winds to be used. 5) Click on the 'Save Config' options button. 6) Shut down, and restart Fsbuild for this setting to take effect. 7) On the build menu, select 'apply winds aloft' menu item. Note: (It is important that steps 5 and 6 are performed, or the setting will not be applied/saved). 8) Start ActiveSky if not already running, and ensure ActiveSky updates the current weather snapshot. ActiveSky appears to check that that snapshot is up to date on startup.