'Using North Atlantic Tracks with Fsbuild2'

Optional Video accompanies this written tutorial Windows Media Player required. 1. Enter a departure and destination airport (example New York to London KJFK , EGLL) 2. Enter plan mode by pressing the 'PM' button on the upper right part of the application. There are two types of North Atlantic Tracks available. 'Static', and 'Daily'. The Static Tracks are as the names implies. They are always the same (unless the track file is modified). The Daily Tracks however are changed daily. The method for loading either Static or Daily Tracks is exactly the same. The only difference is to load the Daily Tracks press the 'DN' and to load the static tracks press the 'SN' button. For this tutorial we will use the Static Tracks. 3. Go to the right side of the screen and press the 'SN' button to load the available static North Atlantic Tracks. 4. After the tracks have been loaded the Airways List will show the Track ID's that were downloaded. 5. Scroll up the Map view a little so that the area the tracks would be displayed (between KJFK and EGLL) in is visible. 6. To display each track on the map, select the Track Name on the Airways list on the right. As each track is selected on the Airways list it will highlight on the map in red. 7. Once the North Atlantic Tracks are loaded into Fsbuild. They are treated like any other airway or route. You can manually enter its route identifier, its entry and exit points to insert them into your flight plan box outside of plan mode (ex: CYMON TRACK_W DOLIP) 8. For more details on each such as the direction and waypoints on the tracks. Select the 'North Atlantic Tracks tab' on the bottom. There you can determine which tracks are the 'EAST' Tracks available to EGLL. 7 In Plan mode you can alternatively use the 'from/via/to' option to insert the NA track into your flight plan. 7.1) Select the TRACK_W on the airways list on the right. 7.2) Select the first item on the 'route' List. (since NAT tracks are mostly one way the first entry waypoint is always top on the list. the last entry point is always on the bottom of the list. 7.3) Right mouse click on the first entry waypoint on the Route list (CYMON), and select the 'FROM' item from the menu. 7.4) You will then see at the bottom of the From and Via boxes read 'CYMON TRACK_W'. 7.5) Right mouse click on the exit waypoint (DOLIP) on the route list and select the 'TO' menu item. 7.6) Go to the bottom of the form and view the the 'from via to' boxes which now read 'CYMON TRACK_W DOLIP'. 7.7) Push the insert routing button to insert the track into your flight plan. 7.8) The flight plan route is now updated with the track included. The route line is now adjusted to show your route including the newly added North Atlantic Track. You can either remain in plan mode or return to normal mode to continue inserting the rest of your flight plan route. The exact same procedure is used for loading and inserting daily or todays North Atlantic Tracks. Except you press the 'DN' button to download todays current North Atlantic Tracks.