'Exporting the Flight Plan' or 'Why do do I recieve an unable to Create or Export Message when trying to export my flight plan

To export a Flight Plan created in Fsbuild to a 3rd party Flight Sim or Flight Sim GPS/FMS add-on you first go to the Export Directories page. Optional Video accompanies this written tutorial Windows Media Player required. 1) Select the 'Options' folder item on the right. 2) Select the 'Export Directories' tab, if it is not already selected. 3) Select the folder/path of the exporting item on the list by clicking on the its 'Browse' button, and selecting the folder. 4) Go to the 'Settings' tab to move to the settings page. 5) Click on the 'Save Config' options button. 6) Shut down, and restart Fsbuild for this setting to take effect. Note: (It is important that steps 5 and 6 are performed, or the setting will not be applied/saved). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (Specific for FS2002/FS2004. (the 'Export Directories' tab)) You'll notice on the top part of the Export Directories list, there are several items, but only the first item (FS2004/02/04) has a browse button in te first column. So you cannot manually set the folder for these items without a 'Browse' button in the first column. This is because the other items all must reside in your MS Flight Simulator Directory tree and therefore do not have a Browse button. In relation to your root MS Flight Simulator Path there is only one location these items can reside in. For example if your root MS Flight Simulator path is C:\FS2004 , then your export location for FsNavigator can only reside in C:\FS2004\Modules\FSNavigator\Plan. Therefore there is no browse option for FSNavigator, once your FS2004 path is set, your FSNavigator Path is set automatically as well, the same is true for all the other supported add-ons that reside in the MS Flight Simulator Directory. You must set the 'root' MS Flight Simulator path. (In the case of FS2004, it it the folder where the fs9.exe file is located). Once the root MS Flight Simulator path is set then the path for FSNavigator will be set automatically on the Export Directories list. Examples: --------------------- If you recieve an error from Fsbuild... 'unable to create PMDG737NG FMC file \PMDG\FLIGHTPLANS\DEPARR.rte' If the path in the error starts with '\PMDG...' and not your MS Flight Simulator path, this is an indicator that root FS path is not set correctly, and therefore the program cannot find where your PMDG folder is located. --------------------- If you recieve an error from Fsbuild... 'unable to create FS2000 file '...\Pilots\DepArr.PLN' If the Path in the error contains '\Pilots' and you are using FS2004. This is indicative that the FS2004 path you selected is not the root folder for FS2004 (ie the fs9.exe file is not located there). Therefore Fsbuild is assuming your folder refers to an earlier version of MSFS. Check the path and make sure it is the 'root' FS2004 folder. -------------------- You may also recieve 'Unable to create' error if your FS2004 root path is correct, but you have FS2004 installed on a remote PC. In those cases Fsbuild is unable to read the system info and unable to find your 'Flight Simulator Files' folder in which to export the FS2004 .pln' You may also recieve this error if the FS2004 root path is correct, but you you have an non-English or non standard setup of winXP and therefore your 'Flight Simulator Files' folder may have a different name. In either case, you can force Fsbuild to write your FS9 .pln files to a specific folder by using the 'FS2004_PLN' option in the '[MS-FLIGHTSIMULATOR]' section of the fsbuild2.cfg file. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------