Ernie's Favorite Views (FS2004)

Here are some highlights some of my recent VATSIM flights as callsign LEAR377

(CYTZ) Toronto City Centre 'The Island'

Visual Approach Runway 24, with the Toronto Skyline (incl the CN Tower and SkyDome) on the right. On the ground facing downtown Toronto across the river, pretty cool view.

(KMDW) Chicago Midway

Departing Runway 4R with the Chicago skyline in View straight ahead. On Climbout begining our left turn towards Joliet (JOT) another good view of the Chicago skyline

(KHOU) Houston Hobby

Departing Runway 13R with the Houston skyline in view straight ahead.

(KASE) Aspen Colorado Runway 15

I had been interested in trying this one since people had been listing it as one of their favorite approaches. After flying it, I can see why. Denver Center (Vatsim) gave us 12,500 direct to Red Table (DBL) from the south. The first time I picked up the airport on the left, the magnitude of thie task starts becoming apparent, this one will not be easy. Its right in the middle of the valley with mountains all around it. We get a vector to 170 out of DBL and after turning southbound we again pick up the airport but we are to the left and there are some mountains on our right to be carefull of. I guess I was a little too carefull because we never did get down low enough to do a proper approach, and ended up having to do a Missed Approach. After Denver vectored up back around for another try this time I got down lower and over to the right more sooner. I put a little more faith in the VASI lights this time but still was a tad high on approach, but not so high we couldn't get in. We finally were able to get it down, and on the ground the view from KASE is great !. This definitely now ranks as one my favorite approaches in FS2004!

(KPWM) Portland Maine

A nice approach view into Portland Int'l Jetport Runway Arriving Runway 29. Though the Bridge displayed crossing the river in front fo the runway in FS2004 is quite a different type than from what is actually there in the real world.