You may think that once you've created your flight plan, and exported it to your favorite GPS/FMS that you have no more use for Fsbuild till you start planning for your next flight. Nothing could be further from the truth. I would encourage you to keep FSbuild open during your entire Flight. You will find it very handy while en route. You will find FSbuild more usefull in your cockpit than just about any other FlightSim planner because of its ability to Build new Flight Plans, or modify existing flight plans very quickly. With this quickness comes the ability to modify your flight plans 'on the fly' as needed or as ATC dictates. Example 1: Something I do very often... I simply decide that I want to make a series of short flights in and around a particular SATCO ARTCC. Today I looked on the All-In-one Listing, and saw that Minneapolis Center was on (MSP_V_CTR). So I got out my low altitude chart picked an Airport on the Map somewhere within 30 mins flying of KMSP. I decide Duluth (KDLH) was a good place to start from. I then proceded find a good route on the map from DLH to MSP, I selected 'BARUM-V13-WAGNR' then anticipated radar vectors from WAGNR. So I simply type in the route I wanted into FSBuild right off the Map. KDLH-BARUM-V13-WAGNR-KMSP Press 'Build' and in less than 1.5 minutes the entire planning process was complete, and I was ready to go to MSP. When I landed at MSP it was just as easy to pick another spot on the Map and repeat the process all over again. In fact I've gotten so comfortable with this process, I often use FSbuild to Plan my next Flight well before my current one is finished, as there's always a couple of minutes available while en-route to build the next flight Plan. As I know if ATC amends it, its very easy to rebuild the amended route. Here is an example Flight to demonstrate the usefullness of FSBuild. Example 2: Lets say for a departure out of Denver for Phoenix, you select the KLAX-KDEN stored Flight Plan file for San Diego to San Francisco, check on the Squawkbox box, and the box of whatever GPS/FMS you use and Press build to build the Flight Plan. So you then file the route with SATCO ATC (KSAN-PEBLE2.SLI-LAX-J88-RZS-J501-BSR.BSR2-KSFO). Your set and ready to go fully expecting to be cleared the route you filed... Only ATC throws you a curve. You are not cleared PEBLE2.SLI... ATC has instead amended your routing to be "..LNSAY1.SXC then direct RZS rest of route unchanged.". Hmmm so now your kinda stuck, you carefully set yourself up for this route, you set up your GPS/FMS program ,now ATC says you have a different route then the one you went to all that trouble to create. This would really be a problem if you were using other Planners. You likely would not have the time to go back to the Planner and go through all the steps again needed to recreate a new flight plan all over again. You thus likely would be a bit upset at the Controller who you felt had no consideration for the effort you put into creating this flight plan, and getting it into your FMS. And now the Controller on a whim, has just discarded all of your efforts. But with FSBuild it is different. Because if you have left FSbuild open, the route you built for this flight would still be in the the 'Route' box. So to accomodate ATC you would simply backspace out the text between 'KSAN and RZS as you know the rest of the route past RZS remains unchanged. Then you would simply type in between KSAN, and RZS the text '-LNSAY1.SXC-' then Press the 'Build' button, and in just a few seconds (unless your a slow typer) you have rebuilt the Flight Plan to accomodate ATC and you are ready for departure again. Original Flight Plan (KSAN-PEBLE2.SLI-LAX-J88-RZS-J501-BSR.BSR2-KSFO) Amended Flight Plan (KSAN-LNSAY1.SXC-RZS-J501-BSR.BSR2-KSFO) How many Fsim planners out there do you know that can make such a change so quickly ?? Now you are beginning to see the power of the 'Route' box. Because its easily editable, and the Again you can see the Power and Flexibility of the 'Route' box, and how usefull it can be to you in the Cockpit. Okay lets say your flying from Chicago to Las Vegas, and Las Vegas becomes closed due to very high winds. You and a few other aircraft are all circling over Boulder City VOR (BLD). You've held as long as you can for the weather at Vegas to get improve, now your holding time is gone, and you have no choice but to go to your alternate, Phoenix. You however find out from ATC that PHX is landing How do you go about getting to PHX, you have no Flight Plan ready to go. Even in FSbuild you have no stored Flight Plan from the BLD VOR to KPHX. What do you do ?? Again very simply, you simply hightlight and remove the entire Flight Plan from the route box. Then type in KLAS-BLD.KARLO8-KPHX, press 'Build' and you are ready to go to your alternate, Phoenix with all the appropriate waypoints plugged into your GPS/FMS. ====================================================================== SETTING OPTIONS ====================================================================== IMPORT / EXPORTING Flight Plans TOC inmprts but is ignored Lets say your flying online with SATCO, and your d Examples of exporting same flight plan to different formats, and what it takes to set up each one. FEATURES: Preferred IFR routes for Australia included. Preferred IFR high alt routes for United States included. Numerous SID's, and STAR's included. Can Position aircraft at pre-defined location for FS2000 GPS. Uses SATCO standard North Atlantic Tracks at www.satuk.org.uk/Oceanic Converts SquawkBox, and FS2000 Flight Plans to the other supported add on formats. ====================================================================== AIRCRAFT PROFILES Set Default Aircraft Profile in Options. Auto gerator recognizes single direction airways.