Plan Mode

Plan mode view, A2 airway highlighted in red with other un-selected airways displayed in aqua. The purple lines represent SID/STAR routes. Plan mode is mode Fsbuild goes into to allow you to create your own flight plan by searching for and selecting items on the Map display to insert into your flight plan. See thePlan Mode tutorial(Draft) for an example how a flight plan can be manually created in this mode. The Blue Box represents the area specified to search. On the right note the 'H' button for high altitude airways is down, and the blue compass icon button representing VOR's is down. The search results displays all the High Altitude Airways, and VOR's that were in that search area. North Atlantic Tracks display. Today's North Atlantic Tracks can be downloaded into Fsbuild-2 (courtesy of web site), and with a couple of mouse clicks be easily inserted into your flight plan. You can also optionally use Static NA Tracks that the online ATC services like Vatsim tend to use. The pulldown menu shows the available flight levels for the selected track. When you select an altitude off this menu, it automatically is inserted as your cruise altitude in Fsbuild-2. Pacific of PACOTS Tracks display. Todays Pacific Oceanic Tracks can optionally be downloaded into Fsbuild-2 along with todays North Atlantic Tracks.