Flight Plan box

The Flight Plan box supports entry of coded or ATS Flight Plans/routes in various formats.

Note: in Fsbuild-2 the dashes '-' are no longer required as route separators.

Below are some examples of the route formats supported in Fsbuild-2.



All flight plan routes and waypoints separated by spaces (departure and destination airport ID’s not
normally included).

Jeppesen: PEBLE2.SLI LAX J88 RZS J501 BSR.BSR2 Format used in Jeppesen’s FliteStar and other flight planning tools produced by Jeppesen. Flight Plan routes and waypoints are separated by spaces SID and STAR transitions are separated by periods ‘.’. US Domestic (NRP): KSAN..PEBLE2.SLI..LAX.J88.RZS.J501.BSR.BSR2..KSFO KMDW..PMM.J94.ECK.J546.YSO..POLTY..VBS..YBC..GOLFE..CYYR US Domestic format, direct routings are separated by double periods ‘..’ route or airway connections and separated by a single period ‘.’ FAA Preferred IFR routes database: (Used in the prefroutes_db.csv file) ABE ,ABE FJC V149 LHY ALB,ALB The 3 character IATA airport identifier is outside the commas with the flight plan within the 2 commas. Support for this allows for a direct copy/paste from the FAA preferred IFR routes database file into fsbuild.
Some coded Flight Plan notations supported. DANDD-STAR. SWANN SID The word SID,DP or STAR can be added after a SID/STAR name. Used if the SID/STAR does not have a version number or it is unknown. GIJ GIJ092036 Creates new lat/lon waypoint from GIJ Radial 092 at 36 NM, works for intersections as well (Ex: CIVET052068). LAX069SLI330 Crates new lat/lon waypoint at the intersection of LAX R-069 and SLI R-330 VOR radials.
Lat/lon waypoint formats supported. 54N050W 53S015E 43N160E 49N160W 4116N 4518N 4617E 4716E 41E16 45E18 46N17 47N16 3401N/06142W 43N160E 49N160W N44200W077423